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The End of the Day - A musical in progress

The End of the Day

Sail Boat

There is always love

Book -  Alexander King

Music - Sean O'Boyle

Songs - Alexander King, Sean O'Boyle, Ian McKenzie-Thurley  &  Karen Jacobsen


1970, New York City (Brooklyn), a funeral cortege extends for a mile and a half as
hardnosed union boss Sean Gallagher is to be laid to rest. His wife Maggie (80) is in
the car following the hearse along with their granddaughter Suzanne. A band of pipers
lead the hearse.​

A media contingent hovers around the entrance to the cemetery. A TV reporter speaks
to camera, “Feared union boss Sean Gallagher who rose from humble beginnings in
Belfast, Ireland to become the leader of the American Union movement and was
considered by some to be the second most powerful man in the USA next to the
president, is to be buried here today. He was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by
President Lyndon Johnson but always considered himself to be just a working man. A
self confessed street fighter from Northern Ireland who helped create and clean up the
American Labour Unions, he was a long time supporter of the IRA and fighter for Irish
unity. From today he will fight no more……”

Featured Songs

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