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"Brave new World"

Commissioned by Opera Queensland,

 'Space Encounters' enjoyed 3 seasons (2010/11/12) with  286 performances.

June 2013 - Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival

Libretto by Ian McFadyen

Music by Sean O'Boyle


"Space Encounters "

an opera of intergalactic proportions 

"You speak English?"

"The Silver Moons"

Two astronauts, Harris and  Jefferson with their robot Roland, land on an unknown planet to investigate the source of a radio signal beaming out into space. They are excited since this is the first inhabited planet ever discovered and they speculate about what fantastic new life forms they might find.

All they find however is one lone, humanlike inhabitant called Zolo. The eccentric Zolo explains how he left his own busy, noisy planet to seek solitude where he could create great works of art, invent amazing inventions and solve the mysteries of the universe. Unfortunately, when Zolo reveals the results of his efforts, Jefferson and Harris must tell him that they are all things that have already been invented or discovered by others.

Zolo realises with dismay that isolating himself from others has not assisted but hindered him. To cheer him up Harris and Jefferson invite Zolo to accompany them in their exploration of the galaxy. He refuses. At that moment, however, they realise that they need to leave the planet as the two moons are aligning and it is their only chance to escape the gravity. Zolo, after much soul searching relents and they set off on a journey into the unknown.

"Waking up from Hyper-space"

"It's a fact of life"

Never in her wildest dreams could Annabel imagine what she would find in Mr Twister's Curiosity Shop: animals everywhere, some alive and some dead. Among the animals, hidden under a dusty, dirty cover, she discovers the Song Bird, a rare and beautiful creature which is slowly dying, mourning her lost freedom. A selfish and cruel man, Mr Twister is determined to make the Song Bird sing for him, believing that great good fortune will then be his. But he hasn't reckoned on Annabel's courage and determination to help the Song Bird escape.

A poignant, engrossing tale, The Song Bird takes its audience on an emotional roller-coaster ride to an unexpected climax. Aided by an animal protection officer, Annabel wins a moral victory, but she must face the consequences of loss. Then she discovers that this very special bird has left a very precious legacy...

Commissioned by Opera Queensland, 'The Songbird' enjoyed 3 seasons (2004/05/06) with more than 350 performances.

Libretto by Anne Roylance

Music by Sean O'Boyle


"The Songbird"

"My name is Twister"

"Annabel in disguise"

"Enter the Inspector"

"These poor little things/ I'll set them free""

"Death of the Songbird"

"Mama, Mama

please hear my call"

"The End"

Sneak Preview on  YouTube

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