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Orchestral Music

Samples from Sean O'Boyle's vast orchestral composition catalogue
Olympia Australis

Composed as the ABC Broadcast Theme for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.  "Olympia Australis" was subsequently used for the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester and the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

"Olympia Australis" was released by ABC Music on the CD compilation - Great Sporting Songs and Anthems

Queensland Symphony Orchestra - William Barton, Didgeridoo - Sean O'Boyle, Conductor

"Olympia Australis"

Uilleann Sunrise - Tone Poem

"Dawn's First Embrace"

From the album of the same name (pronounced 'ill-un'), Commissioned by the Queensland Youth Orchestra and recorded by Orchestra Victoria for ABC Classics.



Commissioned by the Brisbane Riverfestival and premiered in 2001 in front of an audience of 25,000 people.

Recorded by ABC Classics featuring  Jane Sheldon soprano (Child of the River)  - Anna Fraser soprano (Mother of the River) -  Willoughby Symphony Choir - South Brisbane Federal Band -  Queensland Symphony Orchestra -

Sean O'Boyle , Conductor 

RiverSymphony in I-Tunes

Riversypmhonyis a work for massive forces: soloists, choir, thirty-strong brass band and orchestra. It is designed for outdoor performance - in this case along the banks of the Brisbane River. The Symphony symbolises the rivers of the world. It is in eight short movements across 24 minutes. The effect is lavishly romantic-heroic and broad, moving amid styles we recognise: Walton, Vaughan Williams, Rutter, George Lloyd, Mussorgsky, Debussy and Smetana. The film music of John Williams,  Howard Shore and John Barry is also referenced. Jane Sheldon who made such a hit with the Wild Swans music of Kats-Chernin here sings the honeyed role of Child of the River. The music has an inspired marine quality though the manner is often related to the better known composers mentioned above.


The work ends is a heaving blaze of unashamed exultation with great surging waves of brass and rolling choral weight. This is music that is pleasingly wild and candidly indebted when it comes to the style palette. It was after all meant for major public celebration outdoors. The Concerto is a different and more substantial matter, speaking as if from Australia's far distant past.    

Rob Barnett, Music Web International


“Lovers of film music in the modern Romantic idiom will thrill to Australian composer O’Boyle’s River Symphony. The orchestra sounds as though it believes in every note, as wave of melodically inspired invention rolls over the listener in demonstration-worthy sound. No less arresting is the Concerto for Didgeridoo, composed with the soloist, William Barton…..”


Classic  FM, Aug 2008




"Dolphin  Dreams"

"Ending - Fireworks music"


Recorded by ABC Classics for the Soliloquy project

Featuring Australian , Canadian & US based composers - Jennifer Higdon, Doug Lofstrum, James Grant, Don Spencer, Anton Koch, Adrienne Albert, Linda Worsley, Carson Cooman, Robert Wendel, Nancy Bloomer Deussen & Sean O'Boyle

- Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra - Sean O'Boyle , Conductor 

Find Soliloquy on I-Tunes here


A.V. Worthington

Recorded by ABC Classics- Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra - Sean O'Boyle , Conductor 



Celtic Dance

From the ABC Classics  album Uilleann Sunrise  (pronounced 'ill-un'),   Orchestra Victoria - Rob John, Violin - Sean O'Boyle, Conductor

"Celtic Dance"

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