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For Babies

In the 1990's Sean O'Boyle was a key figure in creating the ABC for Babies series for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" - written for the ABC for Babies series, recording by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. Nominated for an ARIA (Australian Grammy)

Symphony of Lullabies on I-Tunes

"Mary had a little lamb"

 "A Symphony of Lullabies"

- Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra - Nominated for an ARIA (Australian Grammy)

Available on I-Tunes

"Espresso" - written for the the CD "Babychino".  An album of eclectic grooves for the sophisticated baby.  A perfect accompaniment for that frothy babychino with your favourite grown-up.  An effervescent and stylish way to join the dreamy days of the café set, the music is intended for chill out time.

Babychino on I-Tunes

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